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Edmonton Flag Football Association Official Regulations

Last Revised: April 1, 2017

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1.       Team representation is mandatory at all General & Annual Meetings.    There will be a $50 fine for each meeting that is missed by a team.

a.       A General Meeting will be held during the month of March and include the following items:

                                                               i.      A deposit and team registration form will be collected which will reserve a spot for each team.

                                                             ii.      Any outstanding fines from the prior season will be collected.

                                                            iii.      Teams will be informed of the league fee and performance bond amounts.

                                                           iv.      A list of important dates will be released which will include the meeting schedule for the season.

b.      A General Meeting will be held during the month of April and include the following items:

                                                               i.      The remaining balance of league fees will be collected for each team.

                                                             ii.      A performance bond will be collected for each team.

                                                            iii.      Team rosters will be submitted by the teams.

                                                           iv.      Any EFFA rule or regulation changes will be voted on by the team representatives.

c.       An Annual Meeting will be held prior to the start of the post season and include the following items:

                                                               i.      Playoff rosters will be verified and playoff schedule confirmed

                                                             ii.      All outstanding fines will also be collected (failure to do so will result in team being ineligible for playoffs).

                                                            iii.      Elections for the next year’s league executive will be held.

d.      There may be additional meetings scheduled based on the requirements of the season.


2.       Each team will be required to provide a number of linesmen as laid out by the league schedule.

3.       Fines for not fulfilling scheduled linesmen duties will be applied as follows:

a.       $50 fine for 1 absent linesmen per missed game.

b.      $150 fine for two absent linesmen per missed game.

c.       $20 fine for each linesmen being late.

d.      A linesmen is considered absent if they arrive after the 2nd quarter has started.

Game Defaults:

4.       There will be a $100 fine per team, per game.

5.       Defaults will be recorded as 14-0.

6.       A team must have a minimum of 6 eligible rostered players at the field by the designated start time or the game will be considered a default. A 5 minute leeway may be permitted with approval of both the referees and opposition.

Team Rosters:

7.       Initial Team rosters are to be submitted at the Payment meeting prior to the start of the season.

8.       Rosters are to be kept up to date by providing names and contact numbers of added players to the EFFA Operations Manager ( 24 hrs prior to new players participating in a game.

9.       Failure to have a valid roster will result in a default of a played game.

10.   Playoff rosters will be confirmed at the EFFA AGM prior to the start of the playoffs.   

Player Eligibility / Transferring Teams:

11.   Teams must provide a roster of players to the league before the season begins.  Any player named on that roster may play with that team only.  Players may only be allowed to play with another team if transferred to that team.  Under no circumstances will it be allowed for a single player to play on more than one team at a time.  The only exception is for players playing for an affiliated team.

12.   Transferring players: To transfer a player from one team to another will be done by the division rep with the approval of at least 2 other division reps/executive members. Must be done 48h prior to playing in any game.

13.   Additional Players: Any team wishing to add a player to their roster must inform the league at least 24h prior to any game the player wishes to play in.

14.   Players must play a minimum of 1/3 of scheduled games in the regular season with their team in order to play in the local playoffs.

15.   Players, upon request, must provide picture ID for any playoff games.  If the player is unable to provide picture ID, they will be considered ineligible and not permitted to participate in the playoff game.

16.   Failure to field eligible players or players whom have been approved for transfer will result in a Default of Game ($100 Fine).

17.   A team roster can consist of any number of players.  However the league shall only pay the insurance on the first 20 names.  Any players added to the team roster past 20 will be charged by the league to their fines account at the rate the league is paying for that year. 

Performance Bond / Accumulation of Fines:

18.   Teams are required to maintain a $200 performance bond throughout the season.

19.   The performance bond will be used for any fine payments that may occur throughout the season.

20.   A team will be suspended from playing any games once they have depleted their performance bond, and will be considered to be in bad standing until the performance bond has been replenished.

21.   Any remainder of this performance bond will be returned to teams at the conclusion of the season.

22.   A team will not be eligible for the playoffs if they have any outstanding fines.  All fines or additional charges must be paid prior to the commencement of the playoffs. 

Divisional Structure:

23.   Winning a game will be considered 2 points, a tie will give each team 1 point a loss gives no points.

24.   At the beginning of each season the executive or a committee will be empowered to decide as to the seating of each division.  The decision should be based on past years performance, player allocation / loss and overall division strength.  Teams should be given the opportunity to present their case should they object to their teams placement.  However the Executive will make the final judgement should there be continued disagreement.

25.   Should there be a tie in divisional standings at the end of the year the following criteria will be used to determine the winner:

a.       Most wins;

b.      Best record between teams involved in tie;

c.       Highest net aggregate of points (i.e. PF minus PA) in games played with teams involved in tie;

d.      Highest net aggregate of points (i.e. PF minus PA) in games played with all teams in division;

e.      Coin toss.

26.   When teams are moved between divisions once the season has commenced the division standings will be based on winning percentage.


Playoff Format:

27.   The playoff structure for all divisions will be released prior to the start of the regular season.

28.   Playoff structures will be determined by the executive and be based on the division structure and number of teams in the division.

29.   Higher regular season finisher will be considered the home team in playoff games.

30.   How teams finish in the regular season will determine seating for any provincial or inter-provincial playoffs.

31.   If a team is unable to play their scheduled playoff game, the executive will attempt to find a replacement team from the next eligible team(s) in the standings.  The replacement team will assume the same ranking of the team they are replacing.  There will be no reseating of the playoff matchups.

Rainout / Makeup Games / Shortened Games:

32.   Rainout notification will be communicated to team representatives by email and posted to the EFFA website, EFFA forums, Facebook and Twitter.  Decisions will be made no later than 90 minutes prior to game time.

33.   The referees along with any executive members may cancel games at the fields due to adverse weather or if there is a danger the fields could become severely damaged.

34.   In order for teams to qualify for a rainout at the fields there must be enough players to have played the game or it shall be counted as a game default.  (Does not apply if decision was made prior to game time).

35.   Games will be cancelled / postponed immediately if there is extreme weather.

36.   When the early games are cancelled, it is automatic that the late games for that night are cancelled as well.

37.   Rescheduling of games will be facilitated by the league and utilize the bye weeks.  If additional dates are required the league will ensure that amble notification is given.

38.   Teams will be notified within one week of the rescheduled date for a rained out game.

39.   No matter the number of plays remaining in the 4th quarter at 5 minutes to start of the next game the plays will be reduced to 5 remaining.

40.   In the event that a game must end early the score shall stand, as long as 3 quarters have been played.

41.   It is expected that every effort is will be made by the referees and both teams to complete each game.  If a team decides that they do not wish to finish the game for any reason, they will be charged with the forfeit.

Game Sheets:

42.   After game has started all game sheets are to be filled out by the referees or linesmen.

43.   Gamesheet line ups are to be completed before the game begins.  Late players must report in to the linesmen as they arrive to the game and have their name added to the gamesheet.

44.   Referees will deliver the game sheet to the league drop box, for pickup.

45.   Team captains must check the accuracy of game sheets at the field.  No revisions to the statistics will be allowed after they are submitted to the league. 

Discipline & Ejections:

46.   Incidents are to be reported immediately to the Discipline Committee.  Upon review by the discipline committee, players may be subject to league expulsion or game suspensions.

47.   Any player receiving 2 game ejections within a season or being ejected with 10 or less plays remaining in a game will automatically receive a minimum one game suspension.

48.   Under no circumstances will abuse be tolerated of an official. Negative remarks against an official will result in a yardage penalty for the first offence and a game ejection for the second.  Or the official may eject the player immediately.

49.   Any player that is disqualified from the game must leave the playing and bench areas.  They will have no interaction with players from either team or any officials during the rest of the game.

50.   The penalty for fighting or any physical abuse of an official shall be automatic expulsion from the league with no opportunity for re-admittance for the remainder of the season. Players must seek special permission from the league executive before being allowed to play in subsequent seasons.

Tournaments / Provincials:

51.   Teams representing the EFFA will be required to conduct themselves in dignified and sportsmanlike manner when attending tournaments or events that are put on by or paid for by the league.  This means that:

a.       Teams will attend with adequate numbers any games they are scheduled for.

b.      Teams and players will play within the rules and regulations of any event.

52.   Excluding entry fees, teams will now be required to front any money for travel or accommodation that the league has agreed to pay.  Payment may be withheld if the team has failed to meet expectations in regards to behaviour or attendance, in addition teams may be fined and additional $100 and/or be placed in bad standing with the possibility of disqualification of next year’s playoffs. 


53.   All teams are required to have a numbered football jersey for each of the players in the game.  It is preferred that the same player use the same number for the entire year as the stats are kept by jersey number.

54.   Temporary T-shirt type jerseys are permitted for new teams for their first season, they must also have some type of numbering.

55.   Jersey colors must be approved by the Executive.  An attempt will be made to avoid similar colors.  There will be a set of pennies in the league shed for instances when colors conflict, the away team will then be responsible to wear them.

56.   Jerseys must be long enough that players can tuck them in to their shorts or pants.

57.   No metal or sharp pointed cleats will be allowed.

58.   The flags will be provided by the league for new teams and replacements can be purchased from the league.

59.   Pants and shorts must have NO pockets. Zippered pockets, taped pockets and “tear away pants” are not acceptable. 

Tie Games:

60.   If the score of a game is tied at the end of regulation, the game will be considered a tie and each team awarded a single point in the standings.  No overtime is played in the regular season.

61.   In the event that the score is tied at the end of regulation play of a playoff game, mini games will be played in which each team will be given the opportunity to score using the following procedure:

a.       At the start of the overtime, the home team will have choice of ball or defer.

b.      The team with ball will scrimmage at the opponent’s 20-yard line and will have 4 plays to score a TD.  Teams may have more than 4 plays due to penalties being called.

c.       Teams will a choice of 1 or 2 point converts on any TD scored.

d.      The second team will then scrimmage at the same 20-yard line and proceed as above.

e.      If the score is still tied, the procedure shall be repeated at the opposite end of the field, with the ball scrimmaged at the 20-yard line and the teams alternating the order of possession.

f.        A winner is determined only if both teams have had equal opportunities to score.

g.       Mini games as outlined above will continue until a winner has been determined.

Affiliation Program:

62.   Teams may affiliate with teams from other divisions and players allowed to play for the affiliated teams as dictated by the General and Administrative rules.

63.   General Rules:

a.       Teams must declare affiliations prior to the commencement of week 10 of the schedule of the current year.

b.      Players can only play with teams that their team is affiliated with.

c.       Teams can bring out a maximum of four players per game from affiliated teams.

d.      There is no limit on how many games a player may play with an affiliated team.

e.      Players that play on an affiliated team in a lower division are not eligible to throw a forward pass.

f.        When a players plays on a lower affiliate, it may only be for a team in the division directly below them as the division structure existed at the start of the season.  If during the season additional divisions are created, this rule will be applied based on the division structure that existed at the start of the season.

g.       Players cannot play on an affiliated team in the playoffs.

h.      Teams can be affiliated with only one team above them and one team below.

i.         Players cannot transfer to an affiliated team during the current season. Exemptions may be granted by the EFFA executive.

j.        Players can only play for the affiliated team that is next above or below them. Examples: Division 1, division 2, division 3 and division 4 teams are affiliated. A player from the division 3 team can only play for the division 2 team and not the division 1 team. A player from the division 2 team can only play for the division 3 team and not the division 4 team.

k.       First abuse of the rule will result in a defaulted game and $100 fine.

l.         Second abuse will result in a defaulted game, $100 fine and expulsion from the affiliation program for 1 year.

64.   Administration Rules:

a.       Team representatives MUST declare before the start of the game to the referees and opposing team representatives that affiliated players are playing in that game, and identify the affiliated players.

b.      Affiliated players MUST be noted as such on the game sheet by putting their name in the affiliate section of the roster (gray shaded area).

c.       Valid picture ID MUST be presented to the referees for an affiliate to be eligible to play.

Rescheduled Games Program:

65.   Teams may reschedule approved games during the regular season as dictated by the General and Administrative rules.

66.   General rules:

a.       Each team can request 2 reschedules per season.

b.      Teams must fulfil any linesman commitments on the original date and also may be required to supply linesmen on the reschedule night.

c.       There will be no charge from the league for this service.

d.      Requests will be accepted at a first come first serve basis.  The only exception may be in the case of there being more requests that slots available for a reschedule date.  In this scenario, teams making their first request may have their request processed first.

e.      If there is demand there may be additional nights and/or game slots added as decided by the executive.

f.        The number of games on each reschedule date may be limited by the availability of EFFA referees.

67.   Administration rules:

a.       Requests must be submitted at minimum 72 hours prior to each reschedule date.

b.      All requests must be submitted to the EFFA operations manager (

c.       Team that has initiated the request for reschedule is responsible to get approval from their competitor.

d.      Once these requests have been validated they will be scheduled and team representatives notified.

Executive Structure:

1.       The executive will consist of the following voting positions:

a.       President

b.      Vise President

c.       Treasurer

d.      Secretary

e.      Division Directors (at least one per division)

2.       The executive for the next season will be voted in by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.


3.       The league will have a designated Referee Coordinator, which will maintain all aspects of the refereeing. The Coordinator duties are to ensure field officials have all the necessary equipment, training and scheduling to insure quality refereeing throughout the entire EFFA scheduled season.

4.       The on field officials shall consist of the following:

a.       Head Referee

b.      Down Field Referee

c.       2 Linesmen/Scorekeepers

5.       All field officials are equally responsible for the conduct of the game and no official shall undertake an agreement that would prevent the calling of any foul against either team.

6.       Each referee will be equipped with a whistle, a coloured flag to be used to indicate a foul, a ball marker and a stripped jersey.

7.       The throwing of a marker indicates that a foul has been committed, but play shall continue until stopped by the sounding of an official's whistle.

8.       The signal of time in shall be the sounding of the Head Referee's whistle.

9.       Role descriptions:

a.       Head Referee responsibilities:

                                                               i.      Shall take primary charge of the game and shall guide and direct the efforts of the other officials.

                                                             ii.      Shall enforce the rules, apply the penalties, and adjudicate upon disputes or cases not provided for by the rules.

                                                            iii.      Shall provide teams with proper interpretation of any league rules.

                                                           iv.      May overrule any other official.

                                                             v.      Shall keep count of the downs, and present visual notification to both teams.

                                                           vi.      Shall notify captains of each team when 5 plays remain in a quarter.

                                                          vii.      Shall take primary charge of the play for any team in possession of the ball. Shall take position in the offensive team backfield, so that they can see that the ball is played legally and can judge its position and progress.

                                                        viii.      Shall examine the actions of passers and the defensive actions of their opponents.

                                                           ix.      Shall cover onside (lateral) passes behind the line of scrimmage.

                                                             x.      Shall write a report on the game sheet for any major incident involving a misconduct penalty or situation that may have to be ruled on by the league Executive.

b.      Downfield Referee responsibilities:

                                                               i.      Shall have jurisdiction over the conduct and actions of players of both teams down field from the offensive team's scrimmage line.

                                                             ii.      Shall take position in the defensive backfield to monitor all legal actions of both the offensive and defensive players before, during and at the end of plays.

                                                            iii.      Shall spot the position of any dead ball actions and mark the spot for the next play.

                                                           iv.      Shall provide a visual reference to the current play’s down.

                                                             v.      Shall provide teams with proper interpretation of any league rules.

                                                           vi.      Shall watch the sideline opposite the Head Referee, and watch the back line of the goal.

c.       Linesmen responsibilities:

                                                               i.      Shall have jurisdiction over the conduct and actions of players on both the scrimmage lines and sidelines and shall be positioned to observe accordingly.

                                                             ii.      Shall officiate any infractions occurring on the sidelines, shall watch for first down completions and monitor the goal line on short yardage plays.

                                                            iii.      Shall report any observed infractions to either the Head Referee or the Down Field Referee.

                                                           iv.      Shall remain impartial at all times.

d.      Scorekeeper responsibilities:

                                                               i.      Shall monitor and mark off all plays in accordance with the Head Referee.

                                                             ii.      Shall keep record of all game scores, sacks, interceptions, and team timeouts.

                                                            iii.      Shall inform the Referee when 5 plays remain in a quarter, and when a quarter of the game has been played.

                                                           iv.      Shall obtain all necessary roster information and signatures to complete the game sheet.