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Referee Information

Referees Wanted!! Earn Extra Cash!! Referee Job Responsibilities and Duties
  • To have reliable transportation
  • To control and maintain order of EFFA games
  • To implement the current rules and regulations of the EFFA
  • To ensure players and officials safety
  • To instruct teams of the current EFFA rules and regulations
  • To start all games on time
  • To have fun
EFFA Responsibilities to Referees
  • Pay $30.00 per game for wages
  • To provide training of EFFA rules and regulation
  • To provide field equipment
  • To provide all personal referee equipment (Minus $50.00 deposit)
  • To ensure a safe and reasonable work environment
  • To allow the referees to enjoy their jobs
All referee decisions will be backed by the Referee Coordinator. The training and review of referee procedures will be ongoing throughout the entire football season. Any questions and or concerns should be sent to the Referee CoordinatorReferee Coordinator: